New Accomplishments:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (March 2, 2018) Local artist Fer Caggianos Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks was recently installed in the Mount Pleasant Mayors office as part of the Culture, Arts & Pride Commission Mayors Office Art Program, which aims to promote awareness of local artists and cultivate community pride.


On March 10th, the MPAG set up a nice exhibit at the 22nd Annual Mount Pleasant Art Fest. We had over 80 paintings, between oils, pastels and watercolors. The show looked really nice, with lots of people coming through during the event. Also, there was a jury and I was awarded second place on this show! It was a surprise to me and I could not have asked for a better debut in a show with the Guild. 
Judge's comment:"Love the Van Gogh -like Quality and-the Palette is Satisfying and Vibrant."
Robert Lange

Artist Statement 

To be able to do art for a living is a blessing. But even more of a blessing is seeing the happiness in my clients eyes. I remember loving art since my first set of crayons. I would get in trouble for sketching on the walls, but I simply couldnt help myself. I have always felt this urge to paint, to express my emotions and ideas through art. At first I never really considered art as a career so I went to Advertising School. Circumstances had me moving to New York and I finally dropped my career as an Art Director to go back to school at the Art Students League. 

I was young and believed I would conquer the world! I won awards and got to show in some fancy galleries until circumstances changed again and I ended up back in Brazil, dropping everything and dedicating four years to being a full time volunteer at a buddhist temple. From a presumptuous kid to a humble servant and then back into the world. So much has happened in my life and I regret nothing. It all brought me here. I still carry the passion for making great art, but instead of focusing on art that may eventually become important in history, I have decided to dedicate my time into making art to bring JOY to people.


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